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Air Pix was founded in 1973 as an Aerial Photography Company.  As time went on it became obvious that demand had risen for aircraft photography.  We already had a private collection of several thousand pictures amassed by the owner.  With a little prodding by a friendly competitor, we published our first little catalog of airplane pictures for sale.

A strong desire to serve the small number of photo collectors in the world kept the catalog going for a period of 10 years.  Costs went up and the catalog was no longer a good option from the business view of it.  My idea of giving kids an outlet to obtain pictures of their favorite airplanes at an affordable price had waned and new options were available. Although, the catalog idea went by the wayside over a period of years,  a new customer base was discovered for Photo Business Cards.  The rest is history.

Air Pix Photo Business Cards are found throughout the world in the pockets of pilots who fly all kinds of airplanes.  Ask any pilot who has an Air Pix Card and you'll get a glowing comment. We now do photo business cards for more than just aviators. Boaters, Truck Drivers, Automobile Salespeople, Evangelists, Railroad Engineers, Race Car Drivers, Professional Dancers, Comedians and Realtors are all potential candidates for Photo Business Cards.

Air Pix is the only major supplier of Photo Business Cards for pilots in the world.  We have more pictures of more aircraft on file than any other source in the world.


Air Pix Photos by Marion C. 'Charlie' Pyles Appear in These Books

  • Creating A World Class Airport - Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International by Richard L. Rawe

  • Boeing - Planemaker to the World by Bill Yenne and Robert Redding

  • McDonnell Douglas - A Tale of Two Giants by Bill Yenne

  • Northwest by Bill Yenne

  • The Illustrated Buyer's Guide To Used Airplanes by Bill Clarke

  • Building Owning & Flying A Composite Homebuilt by Bill Clarke

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